Elle Rose Northwood

Most of my art is an exploration on the human experience and the analogies that we use to describe it. I will take phrases commonly used to paint mental images in each other's minds to describe experiences and feelings. I then create a visual interpretation by using easily recognizable elements and symbolism. By working with conceptual feelings and posing questions, I put the viewer in a state of reflection, contemplating how they relate to the subject matter presented. 

My art will often times float between the human experience and the natural world. I will draw parallels on personal understanding and how it can lead to understanding the world around us. When weaving themes of humanness and nature, I can lessen the divide that we are separate when in fact we are one. 

Elle Northwood (b. Sandpoint, Idaho) is a multidisciplinary artist, currently working in Columbus Ohio. After receiving an Associate of Fine Arts from North Idaho College in 2012, Elle tended to life until 2019 when relocating to Ohio. Here they have refocused their medium from oil painting to sculpture and installation. Since 2021, they have begun showing their work in local Columbus venues such as, the Promenade Gallery, Columbus Cultural Arts Center, and the 934 Gallery.